Will you want to save a lot of money on your auto insurance while still lowering your risk of becoming a victim of auto theft?

Will you want to save a lot of money on your auto insurance while still lowering your risk of becoming a victim of auto theft?

Americans are feeling the pinch due to raising petrol prices, skyrocketing health-care premiums, and other factors. Let’s place some cash back in your wallet and take a bite out of car theft right now.

The great thing is

1) that you don’t need to change insurance companies.

2) Local car retailers bill $299-$499 for the same facility (the true cost should be $25-$30)- what a ripoff! (It’s also worth noting that retailers charge $200-$1000 for new headlights while headlight cleaner and restorer can be purchased for under $20.)

3) You can buy it directly from the retailer for a lower price on the market!

Window etching is recommended by police forces, insurance agencies, AAA Auto Club, Motor Week, Speedvision TV, and other leading customer associations and publications as a solid burglary deterrent and a good investment.

The top 10 most stolen autos:

1. Toyota Camry
2. Honda Accord
3. Oldsmobile Cutlass

4. Honda Civic
5. Jeep Cherokee
6. Chevrolet trucks
7. Toyota Corolla
8. Chevrolet Caprice
9. Ford Taurus
10. Ford trucks

Did you know that a car is stolen every 19 minutes in the United States?

A recognizable burglary deterrent mechanism reduces the likelihood of a vehicle being robbed by four times.To etch vin numbers and other registered numbers onto your car panels, auto etching uses a heavy caustic (glass is the third most valuable item after plastic headlights and air bags that professional thieves look for – these items are then resold on Ebay and elsewhere by these thieves for quick cash).

Skilled auto robbers commit 95% of all thefts. Chemical auto etching is a fully risk-free procedure. There is no harm to the engine, and it can be professionally repaired. It is very cost effective, as it costs 70 to 85 percent less than what a car dealer would charge, and it comes with other advantages.

1) It has been proven to enhances vehicle value at resale.
3) No mechanical parts to break down or need repair.


9 out of 10 auto thefts are by professionals who will not take a car with traceable numbers.

One of the most cost effective security steps is having a security number etched on each window.

Start saving money on your premiums right now! Auto etch, like headlight cleaner and restorer, is a genuine tool that is endorsed and used by law enforcement agencies around the country. It is likely to save you much more than it costs, has many advantages, and you can buy it for less than the dealer’s outrageous rates ($200-$600+)!





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