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MetLife Pet Insurance Review Cost Comparison

MetLife Pet Insurance Review Cost Comparison


MetLife Pet Insurance provides insurance for dogs and cats of all ages and breeds. Our straightforward pet insurance allows pet owners to give their pets the best veterinary treatment available, without having to worry about the financial burden. Visit to get a free quote.

MetLife Pet Insurance Solutions LLC, formerly PetFirst, sells pet insurance policies covered by Metropolitan General Insurance Company and Independence American Insurance Company. MetLife Pet Insurance provides coverage across the country and offers a range of adaptable accident and sickness plan choices for cats, puppies, adult, and senior pets without breed bans or upper age limits.

For dogs and cats, MetLife Pet Insurance provides accident and sickness pet insurance products. These insurance plans cover a variety of operations and tests, including surgeries, hospital stays, emergency care, diagnostic testing, exam fees, and medicines. The yearly coverage cap on its plans will be adjusted at the beginning of the next policy year. Additionally, a Preventative Care add-on is a possibility. Organ transplants, grooming, vitamins, and elective operations are not covered by MetLife policies.

The app allows you to view the details of your policy, submit claims, change your pet’s profile, receive personalized advice, upload veterinary records, find nearby pet service providers, and get reminders.

Approximately 80% of claims filed, according to MetLife, are resolved in less than 10 days. Military personnel, people who purchase coverage online, and people who work in the animal care industry, such as veterinarians and shelter staff, can all receive discounts from MetLife Pet Insurance.

Both the Apple App Store and Google Play provide the MetLife Pet smartphone app without charge.

Overview of MetLife Pet Insurance Quick Facts:

  1. provides insurance for diseases and accidents
  2. provides a choice of preventative care insurance.
  3. The MetLife Pet mobile app is available for submitting claims, following up on them, and other purposes.
  4. Approximately 80% of claims filed, according to MetLife, are resolved in less than 10 days.
  5. MetLife Pet Insurance provides a number of savings.


Pet Insurance Cost Comparison

MetLife Pet Insurance  $27.93 $19.77
Spot  $36.54 $16.51
Lemonade  $19.44 $11.00
Trupanion  $70.12* $30.88*
Embrace $29.71 $12.22
Healthy Paws  $26.89 $11.93
Pets Best  $44.37** $16.54**
Nationwide  $56.74*** $28.15***
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance $36.54 $20.17
Figo $31.34 $18.18

Does MetLife pet insurance cover vaccinations?

To assist cover basic care, including as vaccinations, dental cleanings, and heartworm preventives, you may even add a rider to your insurance policy. Getting paid for veterinary treatment is simple. This is how the procedure goes: Pay a monthly premium3 through MetLife Pet Insurance starting at $9 for a cat and $15 for a dog.

Can you cancel pet insurance at any time MetLife?

You can cancel your policy at any time. However, you must send it in writing or by filling a cancel form. Call PetFirst on 866.937. 7387 and select option 4 to cancel your pet insurance plan.

How can I purchase MetLife pet insurance?

MetLife pet insurance applications are available online or by phone. You can save $10 on your first month’s premium if you join up online. You should be prepared with some basic information about your pet and consider your preferences for an annual deductible, a yearly payment cap, and a percentage payment rate for claims. Make a decision on the optional wellness rider as well. Using a credit card or debit card, you may set up automatic payments.

A waiting time exists for a MetLife pet insurance policy ?

The waiting period for MetLife means that if your pet becomes sick during the first 14 days of having the plan, it won’t be covered. The accident coverage begins the day after you sign up, at midnight EST. For disc disease and cruciate ligaments, there is a separate six-month waiting period.

Do they have a wellness program at MetLife?

You may add MetLife’s Preventative Care coverage option to your primary insurance.

Pre-existing conditions are they covered by MetLife?

MetLife doesn’t cover pre-existing conditions, like the majority of pet insurance providers. This implies that your pet would not be covered if symptoms appeared before the coverage’s start date. More information can be found in the MetLife policy.

How can I get in touch with MetLife’s customer support?

On the company’s website, you may live chat with a customer care agent, call, email, fax, or write to MetLife. There is phone help accessible seven days a week. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and other well-known social media platforms are additional ways to get in touch with MetLife.

Does the pet insurance from MetLife have any coverage restrictions?

The yearly cap on MetLife pet insurance policy is often one that you get to pick. You can select for a policy with limitless coverage, but once that cap is reached, it won’t continue to pay claims for that year.

Does the pet insurance from MetLife have a deductible?

Pet insurance from MetLife does have a deductible. Up until that sum, you are responsible for veterinary care costs; after that, MetLife will start paying out in accordance with the payment ratio you selected. Every year without a claim payout, the deductible will drop by $25 to $50.

How do I submit a claim for pet insurance with MetLife?

You can submit a claim online, by email, fax, or snail mail following a visit to the veterinarian. The claim must be submitted with a claim form, the veterinarian’s itemized invoice, and the veterinarian’s notes on the incident within 90 days. You must also include 12 months’ worth of veterinary records with your initial claim.

How long does MetLife typically take to pay out claims for pet insurance?

According to MetLife, the majority of claims are handled within 10 days of submission. Initial claims, which must be submitted together with a year’s worth of your pet’s medical records, might take longer.


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