Germania Insurance Reviews

Germania Insurance Reviews

About Germania Insurance :

Founded in 1896, Germania Insurance provides trusted home, auto, liability, commercial, and life insurance to over 200,000 Texans and has grown into the largest farm mutual insurance company in Texas. As a membership-owned farm mutual insurance association, our members’ voices are an essential part of our company.

Working for Germania Insurance :

Germania Insurance has worked hard to build trust with not only our customers and community, but our employees as well. We strive to build an environment that fosters a family of unique talents and diverse perspectives.

While insurance-related fields, such as underwriting and claims handling, reside at the core of our company, there are a multitude of career paths to choose from at Germania. As we continue to grow, fields such as Sales and Marketing, Human Resources, Business Technology/IT, and many others are at the forefront of our progress. We believe that success requires a variety of individuals and are proud to offer opportunities suited to them.

Because our employees are at the heart of Germania’s success, we believe in taking care of them! That’s why we offer competitive salaries and excellent benefits. We also understand that a happy work/life balance is essential to job satisfaction and provide vacation time accrual and all major holidays.

Speaking of holidays, we take celebrating them seriously! Fourth of July picnics, Jack-o-lantern decorating contests, Thanksgiving potlucks, and giant Christmas parties are all important traditions here at Germania. We work hard and we believe that’s worth celebrating!

Germania’s Home office is located in Brenham, Texas (about halfway between Austin and Houston), but our employees come from all around. Brenham is known for its small-town charm, scenic wildflower routes, and its significant role in Texas history.

Texans trust Germania Insurance. Come grow with us and see why our employees do too!

Germania Insurance Reviews :

What products does Germania

Insurance offer?

Germania has a large number of items, yet their website merely provides a summary of each. Their services include everything from personal vehicle insurance to church property insurance.

Farm and Ranch

Germania is a farm mutual insurance business, therefore it’s no surprise that they provide specialist coverage for farms. They provide packages for larger enterprises in addition to the “ranchette” and rural property house insurance coverage described above.

To provide full coverage for a farm enterprise, farm liability and farm equipment policies can be added to a house insurance policy. These include a wide range of dangers as well as different types of agricultural and ranching equipment.

Recreational Vehicle :

Travel trailers, 5th wheels, and a variety of other recreational vehicles, including horse trailers with living quarters, are all covered by RV insurance.

Church & Organization :

For churches, private schools, and other similar institutions, this specialist package provides liability, property, and other essential coverage.

Life Insurance :

Germania offers a variety of life insurance products, including both term and whole life insurance choices. There are several types of life insurance plans that do not need a medical exam.

*Products for the whole life include:

*Whole Life Participation
*10 Pay & 20 Pay Whole Life
*Economy Whole Life
*Indeterminate Premium
*Prime Life
*Juvenile 10-Year Participation

*Term life insurance includes:

*Level Term includes 10, 20, and 30-year periods
*5-Year Renewable Term

What types of commercial products does Germania offer?

Germania offers a comprehensive selection of commercial products, including both packaged and a la carte options.

Company Owners insurance is a comprehensive policy that covers all of the essentials, including liability, business property, and loss of income.

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