FIGO Pet Insurance Review & Prices Pros and Cons – insurancete

FIGO Pet Insurance Review & Prices Pros and Cons – insurancete

About Figo Pet Insurance :

Figo is a Chicago-based pet insurance and technology provider committed to helping pets and their families enjoy their lives together. We got our start at 1871, the premier technology incubator, and one of Google’s Tech Hubs in North America. From there we have grown into a company that has truly made pet insurance easy. Beyond coverage, Figo’s Pet Cloud gives people the tools they need to manage their pet’s entire life. With our love for pets, obsession with technology, and background in insurance, we created a unique cloud-based pet healthcare offering.

In our ranking of the Top Pet Insurance Providers for 2022, Figo Pet Insurance is ranked No. 9. The Independence American Insurance Company, Markel American Insurance Company, and Markel Insurance Company all write insurance products, and Figo is based in Chicago, Illinois. Anywhere in the world, you are able to see a veterinarian with Figo insurance.

Claim payments are not limited by condition type under Figo.
Most pet insurance claims are resolved in three working days or less.
Pre-existing diseases that are deemed treatable may be covered by Figo.

Pre-existing diseases that are judged incurable, childbirth, and experimental procedures are not covered by Figo.
Under Figo pet insurance, only canines and felines are protected.

Bottom Line:

Owners of dogs and cats may find Figo pet insurance to be a realistic alternative because to the flexible coverage options, quick claim processing, and wide range of covered therapies. Simply knowing what Figo offers and does not offer is all that policyholders need to know. It does not, for instance, cover pre-existing conditions, which is typical of many pet insurance providers.

Plans Available from Figo Pet Insurance :

The three annual limit levels that Figo offers for its policies are the Essential Plan ($5,000 annual limit), the Preferred Plan ($10,000 annual limit), and the Unlimited Plan ($unlimited benefit coverage). Figo plans include a yearly deductible that must be satisfied before you may be reimbursed for approved expenses, as opposed to a per-condition deductible.

Congenital and hereditary conditions, chronic conditions, cancer treatment, hospitalization, diagnostic tests, and emergency care are all covered by the insurance policies.

Unlike some other pet insurance providers, Figo offers optional coverage that pays for veterinarian visits connected to covered accidents or injuries. You can also choose to include wellness coverage in your Figo plan, which would assist pay for things like routine blood testing and immunizations.

Pre-existing ailments, which are defined as diseases or injuries that had symptoms before you bought the policy or during a waiting period, are not covered by Figo. Figo is more interested in the initial onset of symptoms than whether a problem has been formally identified and treated. If the ailment is treatable and your pet hasn’t shown any indications or symptoms in the last 12 months, there is an exemption to this regulation.

States have different Figo waiting times. A waiting period is the amount of time between the start of a policy and the beginning of the claims process.

The Pet Cloud app, which offers 24/7 access to a live veterinarian, maintains medical information, sends health reminders, and has community features to link you with other pet owners and pet-related services in your area, is available to you when you purchase a Figo pet insurance plan.

Optional Features for Figo

Three add-ons from Figo Pet Insurance are referred to as “power ups” by the company.

Wellness. This plan includes routine blood work, dental cleanings, immunizations, and preventative treatment including spaying and neutering.

Fees for veterinary exams. This offers protection for doctor visits connected to recent accidents and injuries. It also raises the cap for behavioral therapy from $500 to $1,000 and adds a maximum of $250 for prescription food used to treat a covered disease.

Additional Care Pack. Additionally, it provides third-party property damage coverage up to $10,000 per policy, lost pet advertising/reward, boarding costs, pet theft up to $150, and up to $250 for cremation and burial.

What Does Figo Set You Back?

According to Figo, their plans cost on average $1.50 per day. The average monthly payment for insurance for your dog is $31.34, while the average monthly premium for cat insurance is higher at $18.18. (this is the only company we rated where this is the case). These costs apply to a one-year-old male domestic shorthair cat and a one-year-old female mixed breed dog with a $5,000 annual benefit cap, 90% reimbursement, and a $500 annual deductible.

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