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Embrace Pet Insurance Review 2023

Embrace Pet Insurance Review 2023

Concerning Embrace Pet Insurance

As pet parents ourselves, the team at Embrace created the pet insurance we wanted: best-in-show policies, a simple claims process, and extra support at every step of the pet parent journey. But we didn’t stop there. We also built a company where people like us would want to work – one with a fun and vibrant culture, exemplary benefits, and the flexibility to succeed both at work AND at home. Embrace has been recognized numerous times as a top workplace, including Great Place to Work certification, seven Top Workplace Awards from The Plain Dealer, and ten NorthCoast 99 Awards. Interested in joining our team?

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What’s covered: Embrace, unlike the other providers in our ranking, only offers an accident/illness coverage for cats and dogs. Embrace offers one of the smallest accident waiting periods of any company in our assessment, at two days. It has a 14-day waiting time for diseases, which is comparable to the other firms in the rating, as well as a six-month waiting period for orthopedic difficulties. Embrace will reduce a customer’s deductible by $50 for each year that a pet owner does not submit a claim. Furthermore, the organization provides a 10% discount for insuring more than one pet.

What’s not covered: Embrace does not cover preventative care, but the insurer does provide a non-insurance-based Wellness Rewards plan that includes routine checkups, spaying/neutering, teeth cleaning, and other services. Embrace, like all insurers, does not cover previous conditions.

Accident-only policies offer a $100 deductible, a 90% reimbursement if the deductible is reached, and $5,000 in coverage. The accident/illness plan provides up to 90% coverage, with coverage limits ranging from $5,000 to limitless.

Plans Available from Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance provides two types of insurance plans: accident-only and accident-and-illness. The accident-only plan is for pets with pre-existing illnesses or who are beyond the age of 14.

The accident-only plan pays for veterinarian care in the event of an accident, such as being struck by a car, fracturing a bone, eating a foreign item, or being diagnosed with bloat, cruciate ligament illness, or foreign body ingestion. It covers 90% of veterinarian expenditures for covered illnesses up to $5,000 per year after a $100 yearly deductible. If your dog or cat is 15 years old or older, Embrace’s accident-only plan is the sole option.

The more comprehensive accident-illness plan includes coverage for both accidents and medical ailments, including as congenital problems, dental illnesses, cancer, and chronic disorders such as diabetes or arthritis. Specific diseases may have a maximum coverage amount that exceeds the yearly limit of the insurance. For example, dental disease coverage is limited to $1,000 per year.

It’s worth mentioning that if your pet enrolls in the accident/illness plan before the age of 15, coverage is applicable for life. You will not be required to convert to an accident-only policy.

Preexisting conditions are not covered unless two conditions are met:

The illness is treatable.
For at least 12 months, the pet has been symptom- and treatment-free.
Embrace examines your pet’s medical history over the previous year to identify what is a prior condition and what may be excluded from coverage.
Pregnancy, DNA testing, cosmetic treatments, normal veterinarian visits, and deliberate injury are all excluded.

Every Embrace coverage includes a Healthy Pet Deductible. This implies that your yearly deductible decreases by $50 for each year you go without filing a claim.

What is the cost of Embrace Pet Insurance?

Embrace  $29.71 $12.22
Spot » $36.54 $16.51
Lemonade » $19.44 $11.00
Trupanion » $70.12* $30.88*
Healthy Paws » $26.89 $11.93
Pets Best » $44.37** $16.54**
Nationwide » $56.74*** $28.15***
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance » $36.54 $20.17
Figo » $31.34 $18.18
Fetch by The Dodo  $35.25 $20.16



Families with insurance can see any licensed veterinarian.

Accidents have a two-day waiting period.

lowering deductibles in exchange for zero claim reimbursements


Exotic pets such as rabbits and reptiles are not covered.

In certain circumstances, there is a six-month waiting time for orthopedic coverage.