Electric Scooter Insurance , Do Electric Scooters Need Insurance , Best Insurance Companies

Electric Scooter Insurance, Do Electric Scooters Need Insurance, Best Insurance Companies

Electric Scooter Insurance, Do Electric Scooters Need Insurance, Best Insurance Companies:

In most locations and circumstances, purchasing insurance for an electric scooter is not an easy task. Nevertheless, insurance companies have been able to offer certain alternatives in several countries even though electric scooters are a relatively new form of transportation.

I contacted nearly every major insurance provider in the world to inquire about alternatives for owners of electric scooters in order to produce this guide. Additionally, I reviewed all of the data they had posted online. I learned how electric scooter insurance functions and whether electric scooters require insurance during this procedure.

Electric scooter insurance

Most nations do not mandate either rider or scooter insurance for electric scooters. The only major exclusions are the states of Germany, Texas, and Illinois if the scooter’s motor is over 750 Watts. Nevertheless, most nations offer the choice of both bodily harm insurance while riding an electric scooter as well as insurance for the scooter itself.

Obviously, the particular regulations and procedures will differ based on the nation and the insurance providers there. According to your location and the possibilities you have, let’s get into some more detail.

How does a scooter policy operate?

  • Electric scooter insurance can provide protection for any of the following:
  • physical injuries you have sustained and any subsequent costs for their care, such as medical expenses
  • damage to your electric scooter as a result of other people’s injuries and any associated costs, such as medical bills for treating them or potential legal fees.
  • Your electric scooter was stolen
  • You and your electric scooter were involved in an accident that resulted in damage to other people’s property.
  • You should also be aware that the majority of the major insurance providers don’t necessarily offer a package exclusively for electric scooters, but it’s likely that you can buy a motorbike or standard scooter insurance plan that will cover your electric scooter as well.

Do you need insurance to use an electric scooter?

The US state of Illinois, the US state of Texas (if the motor power of the electric scooter exceeds 750 Watts), and Germany are the only locations where having electric scooter insurance is legally required. In all other significant nations, you can operate your electric scooter without having any kind of insurance.

Can you get electric scooter insurance?

Electric scooter insurance is available in the majority of nations, however it is not necessary and is frequently a financially sound choice. Your electric scooter can nearly always be insured against theft or damage, but depending on where you live, finding personal insurance that will cover accidents while riding can be more challenging.

Does regular insurance cover electric scooters?

Depending on your insurance plan and the insurance provider, electric scooters may or may not be covered. However, most standard insurance plans do not provide coverage for electric scooters. Electric scooters are rarely covered by insurance policies for vehicles, as two-wheeled vehicles are typically not included in auto insurance policies.

What sort of coverage is required for an electric scooter?

Depending on what you want to cover, you can choose the type of insurance for your electric scooter. You will likely need to get accident coverage or specialty scooter coverage from the firms that specialize in insuring electric scooters if you want to cover damages to your scooter. Vandalism and theft might be covered by the same policies, but you might need a house insurance plan to cover all eventualities. Although it’s possible that your health insurance won’t always pay for bodily injuries, this is one of the situations where there are probably the fewest options. A liability package may provide coverage for both potential injuries and damage to other people’s property.

How much does an electric scooter insurance policy cost?

Depending on your area and the company offering the package, the cost of electric scooter insurance can vary, but in general, you should anticipate to pay between $20 and $30.

Does auto insurance cover accidents involving electric scooters?

Due to the fact that they don’t cover vehicles with fewer than four wheels, none of the major insurance providers enable your auto insurance to cover accidents involving electric scooters. If you want to get insurance for when riding your electric scooter, you will have to either cover the scooter individually for damages and theft, and get some type of umbrella insurance for expenses related to personal injuries to yourself or injuries you’ve caused others.

Is bodily injury compensation provided by medical insurance for accidents involving electric scooters?

If you are hurt while using your electric scooter, there is a significant chance that your health insurance will pay all or part of your hospital bills. However, the costs associated with the injuries suffered by other accident participants will not be covered by your medical insurance.

Do home insurance policies cover stolen electric scooters?

It is possible that your home insurance policy will cover the theft of your electric scooter in specific circumstances, especially if the scooter was taken from your house.

Do accidents involving electric scooters fall under umbrella insurance?

Accidents involving electric scooters may be covered by umbrella insurance coverage, however this will depend on the insurance provider. Normally, they will offer liability protection for harm done to or injuries suffered by others, as well as perhaps your own injuries, but they won’t pay for harm done to your scooter.

providers of insurance for electric scooters

These are a few of the major insurance companies’ electric scooter coverage. I should mention that even though I tried to contact them all, very few of them did so, and even fewer still were able to provide me with a clear answer. The majority of the data came from the websites of these businesses, therefore there might be some inconsistencies because the data was frequently provided for motorcycles, mopeds, or ordinary gasoline scooters rather than electric ones.

Smaller firms that specialize in insurance for electric scooters can often be found in the rows with the * symbol next to the company name, and they are frequently your best option.

Insurance company Country Scooter damage Scooter theft or vandalism Other people’s property damage Bodily injury Other people’s injuries
USAA USA / / / / /
Allstate USA scooter insurance scooter insurance or home insurance scooter insurance or umbrella policy scooter insurance scooter insurance or umbrella policy
Nationwide USA scooter insurance scooter insurance or home insurance scooter insurance or liability coverage scooter insurance scooter insurance
State Farm USA umbrella policy umbrella policy
Farmers USA collision coverage comprehensive coverage liability coverage liability coverage
American Family USA / / / / /
Progressive USA collision coverage comprehensive coverage property damage liability bodily injury coverage
Amica USA available liability coverage available
Geico USA collision coverage comprehensive coverage property damage coverage personal injury coverage bodily injury liability coverage
Voom * USA popular or extended available available available
Co-operators Canada available
The Personal Canada / / / / /
Intact Canada / / / / /
Allianz (partnered with Lime) UK, EU available available available
Direct Line UK / / / / /
Admiral UK / / / / /
Hastings UK comprehensive theft third party comprehensive third party, comprehensive
Cycleplan * UK e-scooter insurance e-scooter insurance e-scooter insurance e-scooter insurance e-scooter insurance
Laka * UK bicycle insurance bicycle insurance bicycle insurance health insurance
AXA EU / / / / /
Zego * EU personal use theft third party personal use third party
Munich Re Germany / / / / /
Elvia Switzerland household insurance private liability private liability
Luko * France collision damage theft personal accident public liability
Assicurazioni Generali Italy / / / / /
Cleverea Spain E-Scooter Insurance E-Scooter Insurance E-Scooter Insurance E-Scooter Insurance E-Scooter Insurance
AG Insurance Belgium / / / / /
Sogaz Russia / / / / /
Youi Australia comprehensive theft third party
Budget Direct Australia comprehensive theft third party
Woolworths Australia available available available available available
AIA Asia / / / / /
AA Insurance New Zealand available available available available available

Insurance companies that specialize in escooter insurance

Smaller insurance providers that focus on electric scooter insurance include Voom in the US, Cycleplan and Laka in the UK, Zego in the EU, and Luko in France. They’ll likely be your best option for covering your electric scooter’s insurance needs and will offer specific plans that even larger insurance providers won’t.

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