Does Spot pet insurance cover medication?

Does Spot pet insurance cover medication?

Spot Pet Insurance Review

About Spot Pet Insurance

The United States Fire Insurance Co., which began offering pet insurance in 2006, underwrites Spot Pet Insurance. Spot provides pet owners with a comprehensive pet insurance coverage as well as telemedicine services.

Cesar Millan, a dog trainer and rehabilitation expert known for his books and television broadcasts, teamed up with Spot in 2019. Cesar assists pet owners in learning about regular pet wellbeing.

Does pet insurance cover annual injections?

Does pet insurance cover vaccinations? Vaccinations are not covered by pet insurance. Neither is spaying or neutering. But, having all your animal’s vaccinations up to date could mean lower insurance premiums.

What Is Covered By Spot Pet Insurance?

Spot’s accident and sickness coverage covers medical and care-related costs if your pet becomes unwell or injured. The following expenses are covered by this plan:

  • *Poisoning or ligament sprains are examples of accidents.

  • *Ear infections, for example, are a common ailment.

  • *CT scans and MRIs

  • *X-rays

  • *Surgeries

  • *Stem cell treatment is a type of cell therapy that uses stem cells*Medications on prescription

  • *Prescription food to treat a medical condition covered by your *insurance

  • *Supplements to address an issue that your insurance covers

  • *Bandages, splints, and casts are examples of medical supplies.


  • *Behavioral disorders treatment

  • *Treatment for cancer

  • *Microchipping

Routine Care Coverage with Spot Pet Insurance :

Gold and Platinum are the two wellness and preventative care coverage categories offered by Spot. For a fee, you may add any option to your accident and illness coverage.

  • Preventative care coverage in gold. Spot will pay you up to $250 each year for preventative care costs like:

  • Exams for your health

  • Cleanings of the teeth

  • Vaccinations

  • Tests on feces

  • Feline FELV test Canine heartworm test

  • Deworming

Preventive care coverage at the highest level. Spot will pay you up to $450 per year for preventative costs if you purchase this add-on. The Platinum plan will cover extra fees in addition to those covered by the Gold plan, such as:

*Cleanings of the teeth
*Bordetella vaccine for dogs after spaying/neutering
*Preventing fleas and heartworms
*Tests on the blood
*Urinalysis Certificate of Good Health

Keep in mind that each plan has a payment maximum for each item covered. For example, a wellness exam will only be reimbursed up to $50 per year under the Gold plan, while flea and heartworm prevention would only be reimbursed up to $25 per year under the Platinum plan.

What Spot Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover

Spot’s accident and illness coverage, however, does not cover all medical costs. The following expenditures are not covered:

*Pre-existing ailments

*Daycare and boarding

*Breeding, pregnancy, whelping, and nursing are all options.

*Cosmetic or elective operations

*Any disease or injury caused by reckless, malevolent, or negligent behavior.

*Supplements and vitamins for general health maintenance and prevention

Spot Pet Insurance Waiting Periods for Coverage

Typically, pet insurance coverage does not begin until a set period of time has passed after you enrolled. This period of time is referred to as a waiting period in the pet insurance market, and it begins on the first day of your policy. For accidents and illnesses, Spot, for example, has a 14-day waiting period.

Spot’s 14-day accident waiting time is not particularly competitive, given that several pet insurance have accident waiting periods of only a few days. However, most insurance companies enforce a 14-day waiting period for sickness to pet insurance policy, similar to Spot’s.

For some diseases, such as cruciate ligament problems, some insurance companies impose a longer waiting time. Spot doesn’t have any policies with long waiting periods.

spot pet insurance phone number :

Phone : 855-941-3839


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