5 fraudulent ways insurance Adjusters will try to deceive you

5 fraudulent ways insurance Adjusters will try to deceive you

He had an accident with a man who was driving a truck or a company car. He admitted his mistake and took the ticket. When he hit you, you took x-rays in the emergency room and the doctors told you your hand was broken, And the doctor there told you that it would likely require surgery to fix it. You don’t have health insurance, what can be done.

In this article, we’ll tell you 5 fraudulent ways insurance Adjusters will try to deceive you

Now yes you need a lawyer and some of the tricks that the insurance companies will try to use to keep from paying you the fair value if you claim if you do not have a lawyer and you have to be aware of these tactics because if they’re successful they can cost you a lot of money alright.For this we will answer a problem 5 fraudulent ways insurance Adjusters will try to deceive you.

1/the adjuster refuses to confirm that their insured was at fault :

in causing the wreck this is one of the worst things that they can do especially when it’s clear and without question that the person they insured was at fault in causing erect some companies will delay giving you the authorization to get your car repaired or refused to give you a rental car because they claim they’re still investigating the wreck this tactic will often result in people not being able to get the medical treatment they need because they don’t have the transportation to get to the doctor’s office the insurance company is trying to discourage you from making a legitimate claim plain and simple they want to make the hassle so great that most people will give up don’t do it do not fall for this.

2/ the adjuster asked for a recorded statement from you:

do not let anyone take a recorded statement from you especially if your attorney is not present or on the phone with you, if you give incomplete answers or you accidentally give an incorrect answer or estimate it could cost you lots of money or even worse your entire claim and also know that the adjuster is trained to ask questions in certain ways to make your claim seem unreasonable or somehow put a portion of the blame on you for causing the wreck always consults with a lawyer before giving a recorded statement remember this recording can be used as evidence against you in court.

3/ the adjuster asks you to sign a medical release :

most insurance companies want you to sign a medical release that will give them blanket authorization to ask for your medical records and they will use it not just to get the records from doctors you treat with for your wreck but also from any doctor you have ever seen at any time in your past why well let’s seem you hurt your back in the wreck they will get all of your medical records to look for that one time you went to the doctor ten years ago before the wreck because you pulled a muscle on your back the adjuster will then claim that your
injuries pre-existed the wreck where they’re insured and either completely deny your back injury claim or drastically reduce their offer.

4/ the adjuster offers you a quick check

to me, this is one of the worst things insurance companies and insurance adjusters do they offer you a check before you even have a chance to go see a doctor find out what’s wrong with you and you assume hey I’m just a little sore and I’ll get better so you take the
settlement offer once it’s settled your case is closed there’s nothing that can be done to open it and sadly I see what happens to people that fall for this trick they take that quick settlement offer they settle their case but they soon find out that the pain and the soreness doesn’t go away so they have to go to their doctor to get medical
the treatment they call the adjuster back to ask for more money to pay for these medical bills and the adjuster tells them sorry but your case is settled no people call me all the time and ask what can they do what can we do to help them, unfortunately, there is nothing that can be done because the claim is settled so how do you prevent this from happening do not take the insurance companies quick settlement offer don’t fall for this $500 may seem like a lot of money right after the wreck but it’s nothing when your future medical bills can be thousands or tens of thousands of dollars all right.

5/ the adjuster tells you you don’t need a lawyer :

5/ the adjuster tells you you don’t need a lawyer :

well think about that one for a minute the insurance company has attorneys on staff that they routinely consult about your claim and yet they tell you that you don’t need a lawyer well why do you think they’re telling you this maybe just maybe it’s because the adjuster doesn’t want you to know the true value of your case the insurance company doesn’t want you to know about your rights nor their responsibilities and the more the adjuster can keep you in the dark about your claim the less they have to pay you do not fall for this trick and I’ve talked about this before on the show in 1999 a consumer panel survey of auto accident victims by the Insurance Research Council revealed injured victims receive an average of 40% more money just by consulting a lawyer to learn their rights and injured victims receive an average of three and a half times more money but for legal fees when they hire an attorney to defend their rights remember this an important point insurance companies are for-profit businesses and one of the ways they make money is by not paying the full value on these claims so if you’ve been hurt in a wreck and you don’t hire an attorney you are letting the insurance company hang on to your money plain and simple and that money could be used to take care of your future medical needs or to help you catch up on your bills so please you owe it to yourself to call Lawyer .

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